WORLD LULLABIES - a collection of animated films based on lullabies of different nations. Our movies are made for everybody, but mostly for children. The viewer will feel as if he is lulled by a loving mother.

Every lullaby is performed in its original language. The plot of the movie is based on the story told in the lullaby. Visual images reflect the lifestyle and traditions of each nation.

Today we are introducing the first 60 movies.
Creators are working for the new films.

Кадр из "Колыбельной" Кадр из "Колыбельной" Кадр из "Колыбельной" Кадр из "Колыбельной"

The Russian lullaby

Before falling asleep a little girl is watching what is going on around her. Or is she seeing it in a dream?

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